Swimmer Analysis

Video Analysis Process and Implementation

We have spent hours watching videos of swimmers of all levels in order to design drill progressions that will help change your technique. Participating in a swim lesson with a coach is amazing when looking for help learning drills and strategy for your next workout or race, but video analysis can take your skills to the next level and give you a valuable resource in your journey to become a better swimmer.

Underwater Video Analysis

We use underwater cameras to get an amazing view of your stroke while you swim. Once we asses the video, we add notes and a voice over to give you the most detailed feedback possible. The video will highlight parts of your stroke that you are doing well, and things that you can do to improve the quality of your stroke. As with any of our analyses, we will provide drill progressions and pointers on how to achieve the specific issues that we point out.

Virtual Stroke Analysis

Send in a video of you or a friend/family member swimming and we will give you feedback in the same way as our own video analysis. Underwater views from the side as well as the front are ideal, but we can work with whatever you are able to provide. Once we have had a chance to view the videos, we will mark it up and add voice over to explain what we think will help your technique.

Velocity Testing

If you really want to see your stroke under a microscope then this is what you want. We use state of the art tools to measure your velocity every .02 seconds and then we analyze the footage with a fine tooth comb, picking out glaring issues all the way down to a finger that looks out of place. With this technology, we can literally see your speed rise and fall with every movement of your stroke.